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48 Graffiti Artists In Our Coloring Book


48 Graffiti Artists In Our Coloring Book

Museum of Graffiti’s own coloring book is now available! In the American Graffiti Coloring Book, we teamed up with Dokument Press to create a stunning coloring book with some of the best graffiti art that the Americas have to offer. From New York pioneers who helped create the art form in the 70s, down to the freight train kings in Florida, and across the land to the hall of fame spray can wizards in California- all comes a collection of styles and color- through their outlines. In the American Graffiti Coloring Book, more than 45 of America’s most prominent graffiti writers have provided the initial outlines – now it is up to you to give them color!

With full pages devoted to the artwork, each spread becomes its own unique full color piece of art as you go along filling out the pages. Plus there is plenty of room for the small details. This coloring book is an excellent way to release your creativity, whether you are new to graffiti or an experienced artist. Explore the medium, be creative, make an impact and immerse yourself in the world of color, style and shapes. The American Graffiti Coloring Book offers a relaxing approach to coloring at the same time as it is an informative art collection.

Remember: The American Graffiti Coloring Book is the real thing – it’s not copying a graffiti “style”, it’s real graffiti. All illustrations are original artworks made by experienced American graffiti artists. The content is carefully curated by the influential artist and Museum of Graffiti co-founder Alan KET, and the striking cover and book design is made by none other than Noah from the legendary AOK and TFP crews.

Thank you to all 48 artists who contributed!

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