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Biscayne World: The Art of Ahol Sniffs Glue

On View December 1, 2020

Biscayne World: The Art of Ahol Sniffs Glue

David Anasagasti is one of Miami’s most recognizable public artists whose pseudonym, AHOL SNIFFS GLUE, yells out anti-conformity. His art is satirical and colorful, and highly visible for over a decade on the streets. He captures the essence of Miami in his drawings of its inhabitants: the tweakers, the homeless, the working class, and even the animals. It is within these illustrations that we get to understand Ahol Sniffs Glue. We get a close up into his life and his ability to see other beings in society in a way no one else can.

This particular show reveals the development of the artist’s fascinating body of work that was born out of making the best out of a series of unfortunate circumstances. Ahol Sniffs Glue was hit by a car while riding his scooter in 2012; with no other means of transportation, he began to ride the county bus to and from work every day. This exhibition includes the drawings created from the artist’s cubicle once he got to work. Together they retell his story of the people he encountered and their unique attributes. If you look closely you also see a love for people and for humanity – scabs, bullet holes, dirty clothes and all. His choice of subjects and illustration style are outrageous but so is this city and its people.

Adjacent to the original Biscayne World characters, you will find the artist’s most recent works, demonstrating that he continues to take risks, invent characters based on his own reality and embrace the imperfections of life. Because of Ahol Sniffs Glue’s tenacity, talent, and dedication to his art, the artist’s personal style has now transcended the streets, his cubicle where much of this work was created, and the bus. The Museum of Graffiti proudly welcomes you to Biscayne World. General admission tickets are now available.

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