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DAVE GRUTMAN AT ATOMIK’S VINYL TOY RELEASE If you have been to Miami then you’re likely familiar with the bright orange character, painted throughout the city by Miami’s own, Atomik. Atomik started painting this famous orange due to the demolition of the Miami Orange Bowl stadium in 2008. In remembrance of Obie, the Bowl mascot, Atomik decided to start painting the orange illegally throughout the city and around the world.     After years of getting up - Atomik has now added a new feature to his collection of mediums, taking his character to the next level with his new 4” vinyl figure “OG”,

The New York Times “Spawned Pen Pals” By Edward Birzin Ph.D.   Fifty years ago, The New York Times published a guest essay (before they had guest essays) that became a cornerstone of the graffiti movement. “Taki 183 Spawns Pen Pals” was the title of the anonymous essay, and at 750 words, it contained everything. Later used as an origin story by graffiti enthusiasts looking for an origin story, the essay also worked as a strawman for arguments against graffiti, arguments for the undeniable impact of graffiti, and arguments for and against the reporting at The New York Times. “Taki 183 Spawns Pen

We are beyond grateful to the various media outlets that have continued to help us spread the word about our Museum. We are proud to share with you recent links of pieces by journalists who have chosen to cover our efforts or even take a guided bike tour of Wynwood and participate in one of our Spray Paint Classes!   WSVN 7: Bring your bicycle to Wynwood for a free guided street art tour thanks to Museum of Graffiti   Miami Herald: Before NFTs, there was Atari. These Miami art shows that dig beneath the obvious   Ocean Drive: Miami Graffiti Community Coming Together In Support

The Confidante Miami Beach recently announced the launch of Museum of Graffiti Beachside, a nine month rotating art residency featuring local graffiti artists with exhibits curated by the Wynwood-based museum. The public exhibition is on view now through February 15th, 2022, and located throughout the first floor of the hotel. Guests and locals alike will have the opportunity to view three exclusive exhibits by world-renowned artists including Jel Martinez, Ahol Sniffs Glue and the all-female Few & Far Graffiti Crew. Complimentary weekly art tours led by Museum of Graffiti curators include a glass of rosé and are available on Friday

Only 200 miles away from the Museum, people are starving and fighting for their lives in a country that persecutes anyone who speaks out about the conditions and the government. Recently, in March 2021, rapper Maykel Castillo and performance artist Luis Manuel Otero entered into an abandoned building in Cuba, tapped into a power line to turn on their lighting equipment, and recorded a music video for their song called Patria Y Vida. The song has become a viral protest anthem in the past few months and acts as a tool for other Cuban people to use – no one

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Hours subject to change for holidays and special events.

Adults: $16 + tax/fees
Children under 13: Free

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