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BEST THINGS TO DO IN WYNWOOD AFTER MUSEUM OF GRAFFITI:    Take a break from the beach and come see what Miami’s Wynwood art district has to offer. From world famous art to delicious restaurants, you cannot go wrong when finding activities to indulge in. Here we have compiled a few fun activities for you and the family to participate in after visiting the Museum.   Le Chick - Located on 24th street, Le Chick is a hotspot known for its cool, laid back atmosphere. Founders Coco Coig and Jorge Sanchez go over and beyond to give to their customers high quality ingredients,

If you are interested in working with graffiti writers or street artists to create a site-specific installation in your home or on your business, these are three tips to avoid when approaching them. Exposure: Do not ask an artist to do something for “exposure”. You do not ask your gardener to work for exposure, so do not use this word with an artist. You should set aside a reasonable budget that accounts for supplies and travel. As a starting point, consider the amount you would pay for a typical house painter you paint the wall a solid color, and then

Museum of Graffiti’s own coloring book is now available! In the American Graffiti Coloring Book, we teamed up with Dokument Press to create a stunning coloring book with some of the best graffiti art that the Americas have to offer. From New York pioneers who helped create the art form in the 70s, down to the freight train kings in Florida, and across the land to the hall of fame spray can wizards in California- all comes a collection of styles and color- through their outlines. In the American Graffiti Coloring Book, more than 45 of America's most prominent graffiti

Last Month in our theater room, we featured Cheryl Dunn’s documentary, Moments Like this Never Last, 2020. Based in the Downtown streets of New York, the director’s own archival footage reveals Snow's 1990s lifestyle through the eye of a nostalgic gaze. Developing from a notorious graffiti writer (SACE IRAK) into an international art star, he documented his drug- and alcohol-fueled nights with the surrogate family he formed with friends and fellow artists Ryan McGinley,  Dan Colen, Earsnot and others before his tragic death by heroin overdose in 2009. The film is beautifully shot, personal and explains the reasons for the artist's

DAVE GRUTMAN AT ATOMIK’S VINYL TOY RELEASE If you have been to Miami then you’re likely familiar with the bright orange character, painted throughout the city by Miami’s own, Atomik. Atomik started painting this famous orange due to the demolition of the Miami Orange Bowl stadium in 2008. In remembrance of Obie, the Bowl mascot, Atomik decided to start painting the orange illegally throughout the city and around the world.     After years of getting up - Atomik has now added a new feature to his collection of mediums, taking his character to the next level with his new 4” vinyl figure “OG”,

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Hours subject to change for holidays and special events.

Adults: $16 + tax/fees
Children under 13: Free

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