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In anticipation of the upcoming Presidential election, New York City-based graffiti artist EWOK ONE travelled to Miami to install a brand new, politically charged mural on the south elevation the Museum of Graffiti building in Wynwood in Miami, Florida. The sprawling mural, entitled "Game Over," features Donald Trump reimagined as Pac Man, the main character from the classic video arcade game. The blue ghosts from the game, that typically antagonize Pac Man, appear in EWOK ONE's wall in the form of the USPS Postal boxes found on city streets across America. "I have a responsibility to use my art to

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, artist and muralist Cale K2S has completed a massive mural featuring the lively, late Celia Cruz. The mural features Cruz in her element, adorned with a studded headdress, blue feathers, and other symbols of Cuban culture.    Located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida, the mural was produced by the Museum of Graffiti in conjunction with Spotify’s “Lo Nuestro Es Arte” campaign. According to Spotify, "Lo Nuestro es Arte aims to celebrate the past, present, and future of the Latinx community, raise awareness of its biculturalism, and recognize its ongoing strength

In tribute to the Black Lives Movement, The Museum of Graffiti has created a large-scale mural on the walls of two buildings at NW 25th Street and 3rd Avenue, titled AMERICAN HISTORY. Focusing on the Black experience in US history starting in the early 1800s through current day, the mural tackles the subjects of police brutality, racial injustice, and resistance.   Curated by Museum of Graffiti, the mural integrates a dozen QR codes that enrich and educate the viewers experience with an audio and video recordings of moments such as Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, music from Public

Kel First aka KEL139 (born Randy Rodriguez) is a recognized graffiti-style master who began painting trains during the mid-1970s. His generation of style masters has left an indelible mark on writing history. Raised between Manhattan and the South Bronx, exposure to graffiti on the subway lines between these two boroughs influenced the development of Kel’s aesthetique of wild-style lettering. His admiration of pioneers like Kool 131, Noc 167, Part 1, Chain 3, Slave and others drove his ambition to gain status alongside these style masters. Early in his career, Kel was a devoted follower and student of graffiti history. He often sought out the best writers for

While early graffiti received its notoriety from street tagging it was New York City's trains that proved to be the perfect canvas of choice for writers looking to see their names fly across the city. While the exterior graffiti dashed by commuters in a blur the subway interiors afforded writers a captive audience and the attention of other writers who would also compete for available surfaces. It was within the trains that hand styles would reign supreme and allow writers to hone their skills before they attempted a masterpiece on the exterior. The conductor door on display at the Museum illustrates

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