Outdoor Murals

Most agree that the best graffiti in the world exists outside in the streets and on trains in countless cities around the world. The public nature of this art form makes the art accessible to all people, including those who cannot afford to go to a museum or find blue chip galleries to be intimidating. For this reason and others, the Museum of Graffiti decided to invite artists from around the world to contribute to the Museum by creating large-scale outdoor murals for our community to enjoy. The murals are epic works specifically created by graffiti artists whose roots are in creating art for the streets. These murals offer our visitors the complete experience of getting to study history inside while also learning about graffiti outside in graffiti’s natural habitat. Our outdoor experience is free for everyone to appreciate and view whether you are coming to visit us or just driving by. 

The participating artists include: Abstrk (Miami/USA), Bacon (Canada), Ces (NY/USA), Doves (NY/USA), Entes (Peru), Erni Vales (Miami/USA), Ezo (NY/USA), Hiero (Boston/USA), Lady Pink (NY/USA), Marvel (Sweden), Mast (NY/USA), Muck Rock (Los Angeles/USA), Persue (San Diego/USA), Rambo (NY/USA), Rasterms (Miami/USA), Reds (Miami/USA), Shoe (Holland), Slick (Los Angeles/USA), Ticoe (Miami/USA), Quake (Miami/USA), Wane One (NY/USA) and Yes2 (NY/USA).

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