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Celia Cruz mural

Celia Cruz mural

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, artist and muralist Cale K2S has completed a massive mural featuring the lively, late Celia Cruz. The mural features Cruz in her element, adorned with a studded headdress, blue feathers, and other symbols of Cuban culture. 

Located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida, the mural was produced by the Museum of Graffiti in conjunction with Spotify’s “Lo Nuestro Es Arte” campaign. According to Spotify, “Lo Nuestro es Arte aims to celebrate the past, present, and future of the Latinx community, raise awareness of its biculturalism, and recognize its ongoing strength in the face of adversity.” This original artwork by Columbian scenographer, Orly Anan, was erected in only 5 days and was completed entirely with spray paint by Cale K2S across a wall measuring approximately 30 feet long and 20 feet high.  “Cale’s ability to use spray paint as a medium to create photorealistic sprawling murals made him the perfect candidate for this project,” said Alan Ket, co-Founder of the Museum of Graffiti. “Painting in Miami during what we consider to still be summer time can be extremely challenging, but I was exceptionally motivated to paint this world renown icon who had such an impact on Latin American music and culture,” said Cale. 
Located along the highly trafficked corridor of NW 26th Street at NW 3rd Ave., the wall lives among the 16 other murals that are part of the Museum of Graffiti’s mural program. Omer Pardillo Cid, President of the Celia Cruz Foundation, visited the wall several times during production to watch the artist’s vision come to life. “Celia’s biggest wish was that her name be kept alive for future generations and this mural will celebrate her legacy,” said Pardillo Cid. 
The wall will also serve as a teaching tool for the Museum of Graffiti to educate visitors of today’s Wynwood on the fact that Wynwood was a predominately Puerto Rican neighborhood with rich latin culture and important history. “For me, getting to partner with Spotify to pay tribute to a Latin American, female trailblazer has been a dream come true. I am indebted to our friends at Ballyhoo Media for making this collaboration come to life,” said Allison Freidin, co-Founder of the Museum of Graffiti. 
For more than half a century, the Queen of Salsa carried her title with class and distinction.  Her powerful voice and electrifying rhythm garnered more than 100 worldwide recognitions, multiple platinum and gold records, three GRAMMY© awards and four Latin GRAMMY© awards, three honorary doctorates, the Presidential Medal of Arts and a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Her boundless enthusiasm, genuine warmth, and deep-seated humanitarianism made Celia Cruz the music industry’s most accomplished and revered performer and the world’s most notable ambassador of Hispanic Culture. 

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