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Gustavo Oviedo: Biomorphic

Breaking away from his street art and graffiti writing, Gustavo Oviedo pulls us into his world of abstract interpretations of living forms.  Biomorphic is the artist’s newest body of work – meticulous, vibrant, and with a bombastic quality that titillates the eyes. Bold blues and deep blacks are taken over by fluorescent red while vibrant yellow and orange forms float across the canvas like they do in the ocean he subliminally references in his works. Oviedo’s years of underwater observations are distilled onto canvas and for the first time – wooden sculpture. To be expected, the artist’s signature “131” appears occasionally in his most personal works as an ode to his days of painting in the streets of Overtown and Wynwood. We invite you to experience Oviedo’s Biomorphic, a solo art show at the Museum of Graffiti Private Gallery.

The Private Gallery is located just feet from Museum of Graffiti at 319 NW 25th St., Miami, FL 33127

MON-THURS: 11am ‒ 6pm
FRI-SUN: 11am ‒ 7pm

Hours subject to change for holidays and special events.

Adults: $16 + tax/fees
Children under 13: Free

276 NW 26th Street Miami, FL 33127