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New York, New York, July 12, 2021— The Museum of Graffiti, the first institution of its  kind, devoted to telling the history of graffiti, as well as documenting its stylistic  developments, was commissioned by The Horizon Group, a real estate development firm,  to curate and produce two murals on the exterior of their latest residential project, 1510  Gates. The 70-unit luxury high rise is located in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn and  includes affordable housing, unobstructed city views and over 10,000 square feet of 

outdoor amenity space. New York City-based graffiti artists DAZE and GIZ were selected  to create colorful and exciting murals that celebrate the rich history of this art form in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  

GIZ, a Brooklyn native, began his graffiti career in the New York City area in 1988 at the age  of 10. Since then, GIZ’s art has evolved into a playful extension of Pop Art. His mural  displays his signature style of morphing iconic cartoon characters into the letters of his  graffiti name. “I started off by tagging and eventually moved to bubble letters and pieces.  Graffiti artists are always seeking the best spots and the most surface area. This was an  especially important project as The Horizon Group was welcoming of my graffiti and  allowed me to create my largest work to date,” said GIZ. GIZ’s mural spans nearly 6,000 square feet and took two weeks to create, with some time lost due to the passing of the artist’s mother. GIZ’s mother dealt with the challenging consequences of having a son  who grew up as a graffiti artist during a time when New York City waged war on the  artform. She was able to see her son start this prolific piece in the days before she passed  away. 

GIZ’s mural can clearly be seen from the M subway line at the Myrtle – Wyckoff Avenues  Station. “New York City’s subway system has always played a key role in the lives of  successful graffiti artists. The Horizon Group’s idea to embrace and highlight this artform  is a monumental step in favor of ending the stigma pinned on incredibly talented aerosol  artists who have spent decades shunned for this type of work,” said Allison Freidin, co Founder of the Museum of Graffiti. 

Along another elevation of the building overlooking the building’s large outdoor green space, veteran graffiti artist Chris “DAZE” Ellis created a smaller scale mural of a futurist  safari that features some of our planet’s largest animals, an elephant, giraffe, and lion,  alongside a graffiti piece that spells out the artist’s tag name. A key distinguishing element  between graffiti and street art is thatthe traditional main focus for graffiti artists is on the  formation and style of letters. 

DAZE got his start as an artist writing graffiti on New York City subway cars in the mid 1970s, while he was a student at the High School of Art & Design. In 1981, his work was  featured in a group exhibition Beyond Words, alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith  

Haring. He has gone on to exhibit at venues such as the Sidney Janis Gallery in New York  (1983), the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen (1984), and the Aldrich  Museum in Ridgefield, CT (1995). His work has been acquired by the Brooklyn Museum, the  Groninger Museum, the Ludwig Museum in Aachen, Germany, the Museum of the City of  New York, and New York’s Museum of Modern Art. 

“Bushwick is a thriving community, filled with vibrant art and culture. It is our intent to use  the walls at our new residential project to celebrate local artists and leverage our  approximately 25,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenity spaces to foster a  collaborative community for new residents,” said Jillian Forman of The Horizon Group. “We  are thrilled to partner with the Museum of Graffiti and two distinguished artists to create  vibrant murals that are authentic to the neighborhood.” 

Museum of Graffiti co-founder Alan Ket adds, “We are very excited to be working with a  forward-thinking company like The Horizon Group. This type of partnership not only  beautifies the area but also allows graffiti artists to earn a living from their talents instead  of paying fines and being prosecuted.”  

Situated at 1510 Gates Avenue, between Gates and Irving Avenues, the building is slated  to open early 2022. Interiors for 1510 Gates were designed by New York City based  designer, Brittany Marom Interior Design. Leasing for the building will be handled by  Nooklyn

Co-founder of the Museum of Graffiti

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