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A1one Artist Edition Street Art Umbrella Series by Choke Urban Creation

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The A1one Artist Edition Street Art Umbrella Series produced by Choke Urban Creation. One button auto-open/close 100% polyester Approx 21" (open), approx 11" (closed) Aluminium shaft Aluminium and Fiberglass ribs Colored box About a1one (Tehran) "Full-time graffiti artist since 2003, A1one a.k.a Tanha has become internationally renowned. He has also played a key role in establishing the graffiti street art scene in his own country and the Middle East. Gaining recognition through his colorful vibrant characters, inspired by daily urban life, combined with ancient Persian motifs and pop icons as well as other native artworks from Australian Aboriginal Art to Mayan narrative hieroglyphics. A1one's art is complex and deeply rooted in Street Culture incorporating the fine arts into street scene. In 2003 he established a base for Persian-Arabic Graffiti letters and inspired a generation with his various spray painted artworks: stencils, multi layered stencils, letter style graffiti and street arts. His exhibitions feature a variety of acrylic, digital, marker and spray painted artwork in an effort to reveal street culture, through visual art."

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