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Arty Gras: Signed Copy

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Arty Gras is a 140 page full color 5x5" x 8.5" photographic journal with over 150 images taken by photographer Andrew Kaufman. The book chronicles the Wynwood street art scene, with a foreword by noted Miami historian Dr. Paul George.

Artists included:
Txemy, Pia, Cubotopia, Garbage Beauty, Ghetto Nailz, Chanoir, Xupet Negre, Jessy Nite, Favela Painting Project, Haas & Hahn, Phil Fung, Sliks, CKUE, Le’s Homes D’letre, Close 24K, Magnus Sodamin, Typoe, TrekSix, Bikismo, Luis Berros, Pixel Pancho, Ahol, Muro, Didi, Nychos, Renda Writer, Jaz, Atomik, Gonzo 247, Leza One, Gsicks, Biciclecta Sem Freio, Retna, El Mac, Rone, Bonar, AUBS, Krave, Few and Far, Bisco Smith, The London Police, Basik, Gola, Zamoc, Alberonero, Chriss Riggs, Sonni, Meps, Kevin Lyons, Kashink, Amos, Hest, Sebastian Coolidge, Martin Ron, Marina Capdevila, Ever Siempre, Oil, Martha Cooper, Derrick G, Komik, SP One, Crisp, Antonio Rubalcava, Dolla Lama, Eoin, Sand, Mecs and more.

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