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Cope2: The Evolving Art of a Bronx Graffiti Legend

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Cope2, born Fernando Carlo Jr., is an iconic name in graffiti—one of New York’s pioneering artists in the ‘80s and ‘90s, founder of the KINGS DESTROY crew, and known for his wildstyle tagging—and here 35+ years of his work are compiled into one vibrant volume. In over 250 color photos, see his work transition from his early days in the South Bronx to his current gallery work featured worldwide. Divided into four chapters—Subway Cars and Trains, Painted Walls, Bubble Throw Ups, and Gallery and Artworks—Cope2’s art may shift in medium, time, and place, but it remains fundamentally the same at its core: colorful, authentic, and raw. In addition to the hundreds of photos of his work, excerpts from an interview with Cope2 by Carlos Mare, the museum programming director of the Museum of Graffiti, offers stories on Cope2's life and career from the artist himself.

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