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Graffiti Bible - A Complete Guide On How To Do Graffiti

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If you're eager to learn the art of graffiti, then this book is perfect for you! Spanning 352 pages, it provides a wealth of information to kickstart your journey into spray can mastery. The GRAFFITI BIBLE offers a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals essential for serious enthusiasts, covering a wide range of techniques and important styles.

However, this publication goes beyond traditional learning books, offering an intriguing glimpse into the graffiti culture itself. It features interviews with world-renowned graffiti writers like BATES, NYCHOS, CHAS, MADC, ASKEW, and others, providing valuable insights into their personal stories and the secrets behind their status as the best writers in the world. Moreover, you have the opportunity to study their artistic evolution, from their early works to their current professional level.

Authored by Eske Touborg, a specialist in publishing graffiti literature since 2014 with several smaller titles to his credit, this comprehensive guide is deserving of its name, the GRAFFITI BIBLE. Amen!

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