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JAY-Z Made in America

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JAY-Z: Crafted in America is the culmination of Michael Eric Dyson's decade-long endeavor to teach the works of one of the nation's greatest poets—a wordsmith rivalling the likes of Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, and Rita Dove. Beyond his role as a rapper, JAY-Z's artistic brilliance, often underappreciated, has been consistently exceptional throughout his enduring career.

This book grapples with the profound themes that define JAY-Z's trajectory, delving into the world of hustling and acknowledging his adept integration of politics into his music. It underscores how he has consistently used his art to address critical issues such as race, criminal justice, black wealth, and social injustice. As JAY-Z steps into his fifties, commemorating three decades as a recording artist, the timing is perfect to reflect on his significant impact on shaping the nation we know today.

In many respects, this is JAY-Z's America, a nation molded as much by his influence as by figures like Pelosi, Trump, or Martin Luther King. JAY-Z has bestowed upon the country a language for contemplation and words to live by.

With a Foreword by Pharrell, this book offers a comprehensive exploration of JAY-Z's artistic journey and his role in shaping the cultural and social landscape of contemporary America.

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