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Miami AF

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For the past decade Isaac has traveled the world with his rag and bone approach to photography. Immersing himself in cultures and communities while capturing stunning images of landscapes, wildlife and the people who call some of the most interesting places on earth home. As a photo documentary photographer and creative director, Isaac has shot and directed numerous campaigns for clients such as Hilton Hotels, Yale University, Whole Foods, and more. His work is known for its vivid colors, dynamic composition, and unique perspective. "After years of exploring the breathtaking beauty of nature and immersing myself in diverse cultures, it became clear to me that my photography should reflect my deep respect for the environment. The decision to use eco-friendly paper for this project was driven by a desire to align my artistic pursuits with sustainable practices. By selecting recycled and responsibly sourced paper, I aimed to minimize the ecological impact of my work while still showcasing the vivid colors and intricate details that define the landscapes and cultures I have encountered. This conscious choice symbolizes my commitment to preserving the very essence of the subjects that have inspired me, ensuring that future generations can appreciate them as well".

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