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Pharrell: Carbon, Pressure & Time

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Unveiling a remarkable exploration into the opulent realm of hip-hop culture and fashion, this book showcases a collection curated from the extensive personal trove of Pharrell Williams, offering a unique and unprecedented perspective on the "bling" that has become synonymous with the genre.

Pharrell Williams, a trailblazer in seamlessly blending hip-hop culture with contemporary luxury, has left an indelible mark on the landscape. Pioneering collaborations with Louis Vuitton almost two decades ago marked him as the first artist to have his designs integrated into the haute joaillerie of esteemed maisons. His innovative partnerships endure to this day, notably with Tiffany, Chanel, and watchmaker Richard Mille.

Within the pages of this book, the most extravagant chains, rings, and pendants, meticulously crafted from precious metals and adorned with gems, emerge not only as integral to Pharrell's musical persona but also as a defining element of his personal style. From iconic pieces like solid-gold cases for mobile phones to handheld game consoles, his designs are renowned for incorporating the iconography of Pharrell's own brands, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.

Originally released with two distinct covers, this book showcases over 100 pieces, many of which Pharrell co-created with industry luminaries such as Jacob & Co, Yoon & Verbal, and Lorraine Schwartz. Pharrell, joined by frequent collaborators like NIGO® and Tyler the Creator, delves into his role in shaping the evolution of hip-hop jewelry. He provides insights into the intricate processes behind the creation of his unique custom pieces and discusses the evolving landscape of connoisseurship within the burgeoning market for the most extravagant hip-hop collectibles.

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