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The Museum of Graffiti Creates “Game Over” Mural to Support the “Get Out the Vote” Program

The Museum of Graffiti Creates “Game Over” Mural to Support the “Get Out the Vote” Program

In anticipation of the upcoming Presidential election, New York City-based graffiti artist EWOK ONE travelled to Miami to install a brand new, politically charged mural on the south elevation the Museum of Graffiti building in Wynwood in Miami, Florida. The sprawling mural, entitled “Game Over,” features Donald Trump reimagined as Pac Man, the main character from the classic video arcade game. The blue ghosts from the game, that typically antagonize Pac Man, appear in EWOK ONE’s wall in the form of the USPS Postal boxes found on city streets across America. “I have a responsibility to use my art to expose this administration’s hypocrisies and blatant abuse of power. The intention behind the mural is to highlight the President’s corrupt attempts to defund the United States Postal Service as a means of disenfranchising Americans by hindering their right to vote by mail,” said EWOK ONE.

The “Game Over” image for the wall will be made available via the Museum of Graffiti’s website as a free downloadable poster, beginning October 15, 2020.

For collectors, EWOK ONE is releasing 45 limited edition, hand-signed and numbered, high-quality screen prints of the artwork. The print is a ten color silkscreen print on 217 GSM French Paper, measuring 18″ x 20″ available for purchase for $200, exclusively at

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