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Why We Love the Dash Snow Doc

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Why We Love the Dash Snow Doc

Last Month in our theater room, we featured Cheryl Dunn’s documentary, Moments Like this Never Last, 2020. Based in the Downtown streets of New York, the director’s own archival footage reveals Snow’s 1990s lifestyle through the eye of a nostalgic gaze. Developing from a notorious graffiti writer (SACE IRAK) into an international art star, he documented his drug- and alcohol-fueled nights with the surrogate family he formed with friends and fellow artists Ryan McGinley,  Dan Colen, Earsnot and others before his tragic death by heroin overdose in 2009. The film is beautifully shot, personal and explains the reasons for the artist’s teenage angst and love for graffiti. The film celebrates Snow and his friends while at the same time framing New York City with pre and post 9-11 in a way not done on film previously. The film will not only warm your heart but also break it.

If interested in what you missed and want to learn more about Snow we encourage you to click the link below to the full movie, available in VOD streaming platforms.  []

This month’s movie night was sponsored by Jim Beam. Guests that purchase tickets to movie nights always have access to free drinks and popcorn while enjoying great films.

Thank you you to those who have attended and see you at the next screening, which will be of the film Reefa, a coming of age story about the life and death of young artist and Colombian immigrant Israel “Reefa” Hernandez Jr.

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