Busta Rhymes Explains How Old School Writers Got Thick Juicy Lines

Busta Rhymes Explains How Old School Writers Got Thick Juicy Lines


  1. Prepare the Casing:

    • Start with an empty marker casing or pen. It should be one that you can disassemble, with a removable tip or cartridge.
  2. Clean the Casing:

    • Ensure that the marker casing is clean and free from any residue of previous ink or paint. This step is crucial for the proper functioning of the homemade marker.
  3. Disassemble the Marker:

    • Take apart the marker, separating the casing, tip, and any other components.
  4. Prepare the Shoe Polish:

    • Open the shoe polish tin and check its consistency. If the shoe polish is too thick, you may need to soften it slightly to make it easier to work with.
  5. Cut Absorbent Material:

    • Cut a small piece of absorbent material, such as felt or a sponge, to fit inside the marker casing. This material will soak up the shoe polish and act as the marker's ink reservoir.
  6. Insert the Absorbent Material:

    • Place the cut piece of absorbent material inside the marker casing, ensuring it fits snugly. Leave enough space at the top for the tip to be reinserted.
  7. Soak the Absorbent Material:

    • Apply shoe polish to the absorbent material, allowing it to soak in. The material should absorb the polish, becoming saturated with the ink.
  8. Reassemble the Marker:

    • Reassemble the marker, ensuring that the tip is securely in place. The shoe polish-soaked absorbent material will act as the ink source for the homemade marker.
  9. Test and Adjust:

    • Test the marker on a surface to see how it performs. If the ink flow is too slow or fast, you can adjust it by modifying the size of the absorbent material or making other adjustments.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of this DIY marker may vary, and it may not produce the same results as commercially available graffiti markers. Additionally, the use of shoe polish for graffiti may have legal and environmental implications, so it's important to be aware of and respect local laws and regulations.

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