How To Draw Graffiti

How To Draw Graffiti

Art has taken multiple forms throughout history, but the message has always remained the same. All art acts as a reflection of various experiences that people have endured over time.

Graffiti is a type of urban art that has recently grown in popularity; it incorporates visual, imagery, and typography. Our comprehensive guide will help you learn how to draw graffiti. Our graffiti for beginner's classes at the Museum of Graffiti offer a perfect place to let loose your creativity and learn how to draw graffiti. Don't hesitate to join us today!


Come up with a Graffiti Tag

A graffiti tag is a unique nickname or signature sprayed on a surface or wall. Tags are predominantly utilized in the graffiti field to act as an identifier of the presence of a particular artist in a specific area. Thinks of it like a signature that artists use to identify themselves and others.

It is essential to come up with a unique tag so you can distinguish yourself from other graffiti artists. When creating your graffiti tag, it's essential to consider which values or factors represent and distinguish you as an artist.

It is essential to create your tag based on your individual identity. Many artists start by using their initials or first names as graffiti tags. If those don't work for you, two letters from the English alphabet in any order can be used instead. The important thing is that these aren't going to be "tagged" anywhere just yet.


Tracing Your Tag

If you have used a marker, you might notice that it can bleed through the other side of a piece of paper. Normally this might be bad news, but it's great if you need to start tracing your new graffiti tag!

Once you've created your tag, grab a marker, and draw it on paper.

Tracing the line edges using a pencil is a good way of tracing a graffiti tag.

Once your tag has dried, grab another piece of paper, lay it over the first piece of paper where you drew your tag, and start tracing.

When tracing the tag, leaving some space between the pencil line and the marker's edge is essential. Leaving some space allows the letters in your graffiti tag to appear enlarged.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you want to improve your graffiti skills, you need to dedicate yourself and free up some time to practice your skills. It is essential to paint or draw as often as possible and experiment with different drawing and painting styles.

You want to practice and perfect your hand styles to improve your graffiti drawing skills. If you've gone with a 3D styled image for your tag, you must master which technique you use when recreating it or lettering. How you hold a pen when doing a 3D drawing is different from doing a normal drawing, and this is a skill that requires a lot of practice to perfect.

It is important to try and experiment with multiple graffiti drawing styles, and that's why you need always to have a sketchbook. Having a sketchbook also allows you to have a place where you can scribble down some graffiti drawing ideas. When drawing on your sketchbook, it's essential to put a piece of paper underneath a sheet to ensure that you grasp any bleeds originating from your pen or marker.

After gaining confidence in your ability to control the ink from your pen when drawing an image, you can now perfect your outlining and shading skills. As you regularly practice your skills, you will notice that your letters are becoming more interesting and visually appealing.


Becoming Inspired at the Museum of Graffiti

The Museum of Graffiti is the first museum dedicated to graffiti art. If you're looking for inspiration, the Museum of Graffiti is the perfect place to go and view some of the most iconic and popular graffiti art done by talented artists.

You can also shop for paint markers, permanent stickers, paint markers, loop markers, and other products that will help you improve your drawing or painting skills. Contact us today to join our graffiti classes for beginners to learn how to draw graffiti.


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