Ise, Thiago Nevs, Finok, and Skolas, while individually being studio artists, are all graffiti artists from São Paolo, Brazil. The artists have come together as a collective, embodying four different generations of graffiti artists, to present a body of work that is not representative of their traditional graffiti but rather communicates their shared life experiences as artists in their communities. Their paintings depict self-portraits, street landscapes, and average citizens in an effort to highlight their deep love for all aspects of the graffiti art movement, not just the letters themselves.

The paintings, steeped in culture, present artifacts and symbols that are inherent in the fabric of both
current daily life and history in Brazil.  Soccer balls, Bahia bracelets, religious shrines, tags, and flying kites are all integrated in a way that convey an admiration for a city rich in personality that serves as their inspiration.  The artists tap into folk art traditions and use colorful patterns, fabrics, found objects, and assemblages to transport you to Brazil and share some of the widely unknown and indigenous aspects of their nation while also calling attention to the daily economic and social issues that are present today.