The Roadmap Tour

Opens October 13, 2022.

The Roadmap Tour...

...exhibition is the culmination of road trip across the United States by graffiti artists RIME, DR. DAX, and GIZ. Leaving from Los Angeles in the beginning of July, the three artists have visited out of the way places, contrasting our country’s natural beauty with urban skylines along the southern ends of the USA, ending in Miami, Florida.

Along the way, they have met with friends, fellow creators, and spiritual practitioners to experience and grow a wider understanding of what it is to be alive and here in 2022 as Americans. Each artist created a body of work on canvas and other found objects, all outside of the studio—in graffiti’s natural habitat.

NOTE: This exhibition is being presented at the Museum of Graffiti's satellite gallery located at 319 NW 25th St., just steps from the Museum.