Vance DNA "Transparent" Exhibition Opening Presented by Crown Royal

Be the very first to experience our newest exhibit "TRANSPARENT" in a night packed with an unbelievable body of new art plus complimentary drinks and giveaways courtesy of Crown Royal! Discover the captivating journey of Shanghai-based artist Vance DNA, whose profound artistic transformation was sparked by a Wu Tang CD in rural China two decades ago. 

Vance DNA skillfully melds American pop culture icons into transparent 2-dimensional forms, offering a unique and thought-provoking perspective. Through intricate techniques reminiscent of traditional Juangsu painting and the vibrant energy of hip-hop and graffiti, Vance creates mesmerizing oil paintings that blend light, shadow, and innovative materials. His work, routinely found as large-scale murals, harmoniously weaves diverse cultural inspirations, resulting in a visually evocative narrative that bridges the past and the present. As a prominent member of both the DNA graffiti crew in Asia and Thailand's MSV crew, Vance's influence spans from the streets of Macau to the galleries of Germany. Join the VIP Grand Opening Celebration on September 9, 2023, from 6PM to 9PM, and meet the artist yourself while you immerse yourself in Vance's unparalleled artistic evolution, where East meets West and iconic figures find new life.