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3D Street Art: Off the Walls by Erni Vales

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Hardcover  | 128 pages |  9.5x7.5” 

Erni Vales is an American graffiti artist best known for developing an entire subgenre or graffiti: 3D graffiti. In the eighties, as a young artist, he would sneak out from his home in New York City to put his name onto the flanks of subway cars and walls. He completed his first 3D piece in Hollywood in 1993, sparking a style that has influenced fans around the world and changed the face of modern art.

The book is not only packed with a collection of rare full-color photographs of gravity-defying creations, but also pulls the curtain back on the artists' techniques, examines critical and public responses and exposes the social and political narratives embedded in their work.

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