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CES’ FIRST BOOK: From the Desk of CES

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CES is a master painter and illustrator who has transcended the boundaries of conventional graffiti by adding unprecedented technique, humor, and color to his incredibly stylized letters. In his first book, "From The Desk of CES,” you will find a rare journey into his daily drawings which embody hip-hop culture and are inspired by the light-hearted moments needed to survive the rugged streets of New York City. CES' art is a testament to the power of self-expression and creativity in the face of adversity. With each stroke of his marker, he transforms a sheet of blank paper into clever, vibrant masterpieces, that make you say “Wow.” His work resonates with viewers not only because of its aesthetic beauty and flawless execution but also because of the stories it tells, the cultures it bridges, and the life he breathes into otherwise mundane objects or subjects that get worked into his iconic graffiti style.

While CES is renowned for his highly complex street graffiti created with spray paint, this book delves deeper into the multifaceted nature of his creations. His illustrations are polymorphic, ever-shifting, and evolving to convey a myriad of messages and emotions. From playful and whimsical characters to thought-provoking compositions, CES' work transcends mere popular culture, inviting viewers into the world of a master illustrator who bends and distorts his name like no one else, setting the standard in the graffiti world.

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