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Doze Green 2013 "Marduk" Print

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17" x 22"
Edition of 50
Signed in pencil and marked AP; Unframed.
Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper
Original Release Date: 2013

"This piece is titled,"Marduk" who is one of 5 of the Babylonian/Sumerian creation Gods. In Egyptian and Sumerian mythology many of these personas and stories parallel. In fact I believe the whole ancient world tells the whole story of man's creation, rise and fall. His name has been transformed from primordial times to Egypt to Greece and now into Catholicism. But the holy trinity was Anu, the Ptah of Egypt, Osiris of Egypt and Marduk would be (Horus) the sun god, he represented the sun(son). His mother Damkina would translate into Isis. In Catholicism, the father the son and the holy ghost.

This is an awakening of sorts for me. That’s in a nutshell what I’m doing. I’ve been creating a new path. Like with Rammellzee did where he created his pantheon of characters, but I’m doing a whole series of gods, goddesses, guardians, demons, and heroes. Right now I’m still working on the gods and guardians. It’s first gravitating to more demi-gods and heroes. When I say heroes, I mean that they’re going to be the personification of b-boy heroes. I’ll be translating Hercules with Cool Herc, Flash with Hermes. Melle-e-melle is also based on Hermes with Jupiter and Saturn because of his wisdom. So, I’m trying to translate our icons into the classical mythological themes, these older romantic themes and what not." - Doze Green

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