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GraffitiART #51

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Street Art in the world of tomorrow
EDITO #51 | August-September 2020

Everywhere around the world, the spread of murals and Street Art festivals is rebooting our creativity and warming our hearts during this tough period.

From potitical performances…
Now that social issues are hot topics on the world’s agenda, occupying the public space has become a strong militant act, even a political statement, as illustrated by the BLM slogan that has spread through the streets of America. We will share our thoughts on this crucial yet complex matter in the article ‘Is Street Art always political’?

… to aesthetic works
From Belgrade to the district of Little Italy in New York, we will show you works driven by militant ideas or governed by pure aestheticism. We will look into the origin of Land Art and explore its affinities with Urban Art. Here again, the double quest for beauty and meaning is everywhere.
Back in the heart of cities, we will take you on the crusades and fights of Tristan Eaton and COMBO Culture Kidnapper. However, the ‘chaos’ of society will be balanced by Telmo Miel’s aesthetics and Imon Boy’s profound ingenuousness. Looking for direction, the geometric shapes and colours of Alberonero and Jeroen Erosie will provide us with a stable anchor. All these proposals, struggles and oppositions contribute to building the world of tomorrow.

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