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GraffitiART #53

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What are the perspectives for Street Art? Let’s put on the rose-coloured glasses and imagine a brighter future, without forgetting the rough time many of us are going through. As we stated in the last issue, Street Art, like the phoenix, rises from the ashes.

Sometimes, perspective is simply a matter of viewpoint, just like a virus can also be a good thing with urban and viral invasions of the type Invader was here. Or maybe of visual impressions, like the illusionist artists who play with our senses and give rise to immersive murals with strokes of paint and genius. KATRE’s lines boldly remind us that you should not believe everything you see. Looking for new perspectives, we will have a joyful swim in the Molitor pool, where Tarzan’s feats paved the way for generations of street artists: an underground version of Street Art followed by a more official one. One place, several perspectives.

While we wait for the full reopening of the Molitor, let us take you to the rich and vibrant South African Street Art scene with a trip to Cape Town (ZA). A vitality that draws on a cultural melting pot as well as local wildlife, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. ROA, too, draws on wildlife, and on local fauna in particular, to catch our eye wherever he goes.

We will continue our journey with a stop in the world of Gabriel Moreno, which gathers in a refined style, femininity, overconsumption and violence; before moving on to the original universe of LADY AIKO; and Joram Roukes’s exceptional accumulations and collages. And last but not least, we will follow the tracks of urban archaeologist Vhils and discover new faces marked by hardship.

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