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The Creatives : Trading Card Project - Series 3

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The Creatives has taken trading cards to the next level by merging together joy of collecting and sharing your favorite pieces. This carefully curated collection features an array of artists, creators or innovators from across the world – whether you're an artist looking for inspiration in someone else's work; if art is what brings out emotions within us then these cards will be sure to provide plenty!

Here’s what to expect from the project:

Over 200 cards to collect.
60+ Creatives from around the world
3 card designs minimum by each Creative
One foil card for each of The 70 Creatives.
Lenticular Cards (animated cards)
DIY cards
Collaboration Cards
Made with high-quality paper
Made in the USA 

Each card in the deck is packed with information about the Creative as well as beautiful & exclusive, never before seen artwork. Six Cards come in a pack!

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