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N°06 – RELOADED (since 1996) Year 2023.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

150 full color pages Vertical A4 format.


Magazine in Italian


Ill Fame magazine saw the light in a black and white photocopied version in 1996 to talk about a very active but totally underground scene in southern Italy. The color zero number was then printed in 1997 with walls, trains and bombing from all over the world. In 1998 the editorial staff published a mini EP, "Bboy Guerrieri" in collaboration with the THC "abusive" parking record label.  Other 4 issues of the magazine followed until about 2003. In 2011, a volume of only Schetch dedicated to the name of the magazine was presented in the Ulrico Hoepli bookshop in Milan. In 2004 the o5 volume was in the works, the artist Blu reigned on the cover, but more and more pieces began to circulate on the web and therefore the editorial staff decided it was time to stop with the press. After 11 years of hiatus, tired of the speed of social networks and dissatisfied with seeing the works from the mobile screen we decided to start again with this adventure. For this reason we have decided to call this issue 05- reloaded which will contain: style writing, illustration, sketches, neo muralism, interviews, exhibitions, contemporary artists, projects, trains and much more…


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