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Lowrider Coloring Book

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Design your very own lowrider to match your unique style! Dive into the world of Impalas, Cadillacs, and Rivieras with The Lowrider Coloring Book, featuring classic and popular lowrider models awaiting your creative touch.

The roots of lowrider culture extend back to 1930s Los Angeles when fashion-forward Latino-Americans customized their cars by loading them with sandbags for a sleek, road-hugging look. With style as the ultimate priority, the 1950s saw a ban on lowered cars in California, leading enthusiasts to ingeniously use hydraulics salvaged from World War II fighter planes to raise and lower their cars and avoid fines.

The iconic rapper Kid Frost brought lowriding into the limelight with his early '90s hit "Lowrider," forever linking these custom cars to hip hop culture. Today, lowriding has evolved into a global phenomenon, boasting a massive following of enthusiasts worldwide. These aficionados constantly push the boundaries, competing to showcase the most exquisite varnish, interior, hydraulics, chrome, and rims.

Immerse yourself in the world of custom lowriders by coloring the pages of The Lowrider Coloring Book, featuring vehicles transformed by some of the industry's finest and most legendary enthusiasts. What color will you choose for your Impala? Let your imagination run wild and bring your dream lowrider to life on these vibrant pages.

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