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Mear One Lithograph- "A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S TRIP"

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lithograph printed on 18pt. rainbow holographic mat board with UV varnish.

Signed & numbered edition of 1500.


With an invite to a festival in the high Sierras, a cabin & the Fruit of the Gods I have come to the mountain top seeking clarity from the smog of America. Sometimes you need to take a moment & plug back into who you were, who you are, beneath all the layers of time & society’s obligation to be self separate from each other & the Source. We are spirits in the material world lost in space searching to be found. But the common Source light is neither thing nor shadow, for the human being is plagued by diving deep or swimming shallow. So I hope this mountain journey (un)founds you the way it (un)found me down by the river on that Midsummer Night’s Trip. Grandmother/father guide me home to my destiny, a blueprint to the Tao, a treasure map of now, grant me this connection to the Infinite & Divine where Magic & the Non-material challenge my modality, my mortality; memories of normality become dust in the wind when you awaken to the vastness of the momentum. I am this mountain, its rivers, its trees the revelation told me, this my deep mantra under the full moon in search of truth, this was my conversation with God. From this emerged a million loving hands, I could feel their ancestral DNA intricately passing through me, indulging in the electric metallic flavor from the tree of life, the milk of Mother Earth. An auroral escalator of light from the Source material sounds the alarm, a stream of geometry transfigures randomness into relevance then suddenly, Boom, Boom! As above so below every part contains the whole, all points in time & space connect, atoms multiplying everywhere spiraling, oscillating, dividing into planck scales with infinity multiplying the potentials, cascading down like a waterfall of plasma into every electron pulsating order & vitality through toroidals vorticing magnetic hyperboloids. Double helix highways of human consciousness emanate from everyone to everywhere revealing the answers as they fall into place, into a forest space that speaks of nights alive with love to be here now, together as one, one inside many inside one.

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