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New York Subway Graffiti Book

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About the New York Subway Graffiti Book

Ride back in time on the colorful New York City subway line of the 1970s to 1990s; the graffiti years, when New York subway cars became rolling metal canvases for some of the most notorious and influential graffiti "writers;" of all time.

See New York Subway Graffiti Like Never Before!

Open this graffiti book and explore the amazing array of art work from the 1970s, '80s and '90s transit system "graveyards," including the work of graffiti artists BLADE, GHOST, SENT, REAS, VEN, WOLF, and STRIDER, as well as many other talented "underdogs." The era is richly illustrated with over 235 rare, never-before-published photographs of New York subway graffiti, accompanied by personal accounts from the writers talking about their graffiti art and recalling their wild antics. This is an informative, nostalgic look at New York subway graffiti.

Available for online ordering and shipping, or visit us and pick it up in person at the Museum of Graffiti. Plus, explore our other graffiti books, toys, games and more in our full online store.

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