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Rockin' it Suckers

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Signed by Alan Ket

After being out of print for years - ROCKIN' IT SUCKERS is back in a limited 10th Anniversary Edition. The inside story of the crew that has kept graffiti alive in New York City for the past 20 years.  Essays by: Duel, Fuzz One, Ghost, Ket, and Noxer. Features the work of Bruz, Det, Ghost, JA One, Reas, Sane, Smith, Veefer and many more. Rockin' it Suckers 10th Anniversary Edition is the first publication in collaboration between Dokument Press and the Museum of Graffiti.

About the Authors:
KET is a hustler of culture and the author of several books on the subject of graffiti: Graffiti Planet, Graffiti Planet 2, Sento: The Fantastic Partners, Part One: The Death Squad, and New York City Black Book Masters. He is a frequent lecturer at universities and conferences around the world on the topic of graffiti and public art. He has been painting for over 20 years.

Cousin Frank is a painter of both canvas and train. He developed his unique technique through his involvement in the New York graffiti movement, where he became recognized for his original style and vibrant color combinations. Today, his artwork is exhibited both in esteemed galleries and on the sides of the trains. Cousin Frank is a frequent collaborator with the Stussy clothes label and his work can be found in their shops worldwide.He has been painting for over 30 years.

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