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Subway Surfers Spray Can Crew Vinyl Figures

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About the Subway Surfers Spray Can Figures

The whole SubSurf Spray Crew is here with all their vinyl figure glory! Pop open the display can and let Fresh and his boombox lay down some sick beats. This stylish 80’s savant is the glue that holds this crew – and your Subway Surfers collection – together!

Fresh’s 4-inch, full color vinyl figure looks awesome with the spray can display piece and comes with a collectible sticker and a special Subway Surfers Reward Coin. You can redeem the code on the back of the Coin to unlock Fresh in the Subway Surfers mobile game! #playerappreciation

Hyped for more Subway Surfers figurines? You can collect the rest of the crew, including Jake and Tricky too.

Order today for delivery and don't forget to browse the rest of our online store for more graffiti toys and games. Also available for pickup at the Museum of Graffiti in Miami. Plan your visit today and explore art exhibitions from todays more prominent graffiti artists.

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