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Super Strike: Behind the Scenes of a Japanese Graffiti Writer

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Super Strike offers an exclusive look behind the curtain at one of Japan's foremost graffiti writers and urban artists. Originating from Hiroshima, Suiko's artistic journey has taken him on extensive travels, and within the pages of Super Strike, we uncover a seldom-seen facet of his life. Here, you'll find him spinning tunes, indulging in skateboarding, and delving into the world of manga comics.

Super Strike serves as a showcase of Suiko's artistic versatility, shedding light on the global demand for his creative prowess. It also opens a window into a captivating dialogue that bridges his Japanese heritage, artistic influences, and the vibrant communities he encounters and collaborates with on his journey.

This unique document, Super Strike, exists with a dual purpose: to educate and to ignite inspiration, inviting readers to explore the multifaceted world of Suiko and his remarkable artistry.

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