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Swet Goes Red Hardcover

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The SWET goes Red Book is not a typical graffiti book. SWET had the crazy idea to paint 100 Pieces in 100 days. In red. And he has done it.

From 2009 to 2010 you can now accompany the danish writer SWET on his challenge: How does he cope with it to design a new piece every day and to find the right time and the right place for painting, without neglecting family and job? Enjoy the exclusive insight into 100 new, previously unreleased Pieces!

- With over 300 photos
- Comments from SWET and friends
- Intro by SWET

His last piece he has painted on the train of the Molotov-site: They have also supported this insane idea and even dedicated SWET two colors in their own doses range: SWET traffic and SWET traffic transparent. That's of course also with us, and should during successful inspiration of course necessarily be ordered!

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