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The Rolling Stones 8" ICON Dunny - Some Girls

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Elevate your collector's shelf with a touch of classic rock nostalgia! Kidrobot proudly collaborates with the iconic British rock band, the Rolling Stones, to present a new and exclusive Dunny – a limited-edition tribute to one of their most revered albums.

Step back to 1978 with the timeless album "Some Girls," a hallmark return to brilliance for the Stones and a deliberate response to the disco and punk rock movements of the era. This record not only marked a significant chapter in their musical journey but also stands as their bestselling album in the United States. Hits like "Miss You" and "Beast of Burden" emanated from this masterpiece, not to mention a dash of controversy.

Unveiling the 8" Dunny, this collector's gem showcases the reissued version of the album cover skillfully crafted by Peter Corriston. Immerse yourself in the allure of classic rock history with this exclusive collaboration, a must-have for Rolling Stones enthusiasts and vinyl art collectors alike.

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