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Urban Media Crash Kid Graffiti Archive

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The Crash Kid Graffiti Archive Book is something like the legacy of Massimo Colonna, who as Crash Kid shook up the Italian hip-hop scene. In the 80s he established himself as one of the best breakdancers of his time, which came to a far too early end in 1997 when he died of cancer at just 26 years old.

What is perhaps less well known is the fact that Crash Kid left behind a massive body of photographic work fully dedicated to the hip-hop world. The Crash Kid Graffiti Archive book now features unpublished photographs from his archive dedicated to graffiti.

Shot in cities such as New York, Paris, Rome, Monaco and Basel, it features the work of Bando, Mode 2, Dare, Can 2, Loomit, Napal, Stand, Pane, Rusty, Zero T, Dayaki, Eron and many others, often posing in front of their own writings. The photographs, taken over the course of about a decade, thus offer an interesting glimpse into the worldwide graffiti and hip-hop scene of those days.

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