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Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti: Tenth Anniversary Edition

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When "Yarn Bombing" made its debut in 2009, the concept of utilizing knitted and crocheted creations as a form of political resistance was groundbreaking. Fast forward a decade, and with thousands of public yarn-inspired acts later, the art of knit and crochet graffiti has firmly embedded itself in the public consciousness. From the iconic "pussyhat" gracing the cover of Time magazine to OLEK's crocheted bull on Wall Street, symbolizing The Great Recession, it has become a cultural phenomenon that continues to flourish.

Yarn bombing is now a global guerrilla movement that initially operated in the shadows but has since gained the enthusiastic participation of crochet and knitting artists from diverse backgrounds, spanning generations and genders. These practitioners craft breathtaking pieces of art from yarn, which they then surreptitiously place in public spaces as part of a covert mission for global yarn dominance, or they transform them into personal expressions of political statements.

The book "Yarn Bombing" serves as a vibrant and dynamic guide to clandestine textile street art practiced worldwide. It not only showcases over 20 remarkable patterns but also imparts wisdom on how to be as stealthy as a ninja, mastermind large-scale textile projects, and provides essential insights for crafting your own yarn graffiti tags.

In this special tenth anniversary edition, the authors have added a new foreword and an additional chapter, featuring numerous renowned examples of yarn bombing from the past decade. This edition proves that the subversive and captivating phenomenon of knit and crochet graffiti remains as relevant as ever, particularly in these challenging times.

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